Blueview already back for work under effective anti-epidemic precaution 2020-02-22

Official Start Time

Feb.8th,half past 8 o'clock in the morning

Factory Gate


Admittance Process: Shoe sole Disinfection->Check in->Temperature Measurement -> Receive Pass -> Hand Disinfection ->Replace New Mask -> Wear ESD Protective Clothes -> Go to Work

Working Scene:

SMT Workshop

Injection Line

Soldering Line

Deployment of prevention and control measures

Establishing epidemic precaution groups

Management and control group:Composed of all departments of the company, responsible for the prevention and control of the department in charge

Epidemic prevention group:Perform disinfection for all staff, working space and public space.Take the temperature of the employee and record the abnormal condition

Material supply sroup:Be responsible for coordinating the prevention and control of emergency and medical aid materials

Publicity Group: To organize the formulation and revision of technical plans for the epidemic prevention ,Make publicity and guidance to public on display screen, Wechat, bulletin board, etc.

Public Space Protection

Administrative building,workshop, canteen and other public places must strengthen ventilation, and take necessary disinfection measures, security personnel and canteen staff during work wear protective masks.

Blueview all cheer on china against virus

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