A new departure, Blueview Guangzhou DPES Exhibition

A new departure, Blueview Guangzhou DPES Exhibition

The 24th DPES Guangzhou International Advertising Exhibition

  Dates: February 27,2021 – March 01,2021

  Add.: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center

The Blueview booth is divided into 7 display areas-Module, Strip Light, Power Supply, Neon Flex, Light Box, Aluminum Profile and Smart Lighting. The Blueview exhibits have outstanding effects, not only showing the characteristics of the exhibits to the fullest, but also in sharp contrast with the effects of the same products at the exhibition.


The flow of people on the exhibition site gradually increased, and many exhibitors came to the blue view booth for consultation. Exhibitors asked most about neon, flexible strips, light boxes and smart lighting. Blueview staff introduced the features and applications of each product to customers who came to consult. Blueview’s unique Superman installation team and After-sales service has also solved many problems that make customers headache, and won the favor and praise of a large number of customers.


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Blueview exhibits outstanding results have attracted many exhibitors’ admiration, and everyone has given unanimous affirmation to the quality of the products.
Exhibition scene

Aluminum Profile Area


Light Box Area


Power Supply Area

Module Area

Neon Area

Smart Lighting Area
More exhibitions, stay tuned!!