Blueview offers OEM or ODM program for our LED lighting products. The benefits are below.


Fully Re-branded

Your brand and logo on everywhere you wanted, such as on prodcuts, on package etc.. It’s a new ways to generate revenue and new products to complement your existing business line.

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Custom Specifications

Redesigned appearance service could help you keep the OEM products in line with your own brand products and distinguish with ours.

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Blueview provides excellent support on product, after-sales service, training, maintenance for you.

Partner Program

Blueview realizes that partner relationship is so important for business development. The goal of this Partner Program is to help our partner grow better, to keep our partner more competitive, and to gain more profit margin with a minimal investment.


Distributor program will help the participants enhance their businesses with greater profitability in the market and protect their benefits and right in their regions.
You can get the following benefits

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Excellent Distributor Price

You will get the most attractive discount. The more orders you place, the lower offer will be.

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Market Materials Support

Blueview will help you on marketing materials, product pictures, brochures, manuals, documents such as certificates or others help you on your local import and sales registration.



You could have training from Blueview on products and maintenance. This enables your sales team better understanding of product with better service to your clients.



In order to protect the benefits of our distributors with a long term relationship, Blueview will restrict the distributor quantities in a region, some regions only exclusive.

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Blueview could adjust some limited features according to your market requirements.


Customer Service

Blueview will provide our distributors a prior channel in service. Quick response with solutions as soon as possible ensures the service satisfaction for you and your clients which will help on good brand image.

Cooperative Client

If you are interested in becoming our distributor or OEM/ODM, please kindly contact our sales team.