Blueview held the 2024 New Year’s Reunion on February 1st in Chengdu

Blueview held the 2024 New Year’s Reunion on February 1st in Chengdu

Blueview held its 2024 New Year’s reunion on February 1st in Chengdu. Blueview family members, along with some partners and clients, gathered together to celebrate the joy of Blueview’s 20 years of perseverance through ups and downs. Together, they looked forward to this year’s festivities and envisioned a bright future for the industry.

Chairman Mr. Li recounted the journey of perseverance in 2023, expressing gratitude to the Blueview family for their hard work throughout the year and appreciation to our steadfast partners for their unwavering support and dedication.

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With 20 years of dedication to the industry, Blueview has always been at the forefront of innovation. This is made possible by our people-oriented talent philosophy and the hard work of every Blueview employee. As we bid farewell to 2023, we welcomed a new wave of outstanding Blueview individuals.

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During the event, there were eight rounds of lucky draws with over a hundred prizes prepared, some of which were generously sponsored by partners. All employees enthusiastically participated, and lucky winners interacted eagerly with the hosts. The abundance of blessings and surprises brought warmth to the Blueview family and marked a delightful start to the year.

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Throughout the nearly five-hour event, Blueview employees reminisced about the journey, enjoyed diverse performances, paid tribute to their steadfast partners, and envisioned a hopeful tomorrow.

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As we embark on the new journey of 2024, let us regroup and face challenges with unwavering determination and enthusiasm. With resilience, passion, and a continuous pursuit of excellence, we will continue to write a brighter chapter for Blueview.