Blueview won excellence awards in the 26th “China Advertising Great-wall Awards”

Blueview won excellence awards in the 26th “China Advertising Great-wall Awards”

The 26th China International Advertising Festival, the largest event in China’s advertising industry, came to an end.Blueview had won the excellence award for the LED smart lighting solution created for Beijing Industrial and commercial bank (head office) Financial Technology Innovation Experience Center.

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The whole Experience Center shows the development process of ICBC’s FinTech and the advanced equipment & technology in recent years , so that guests can feel the progress of the financial industry,experience the achievements of ICBC in financial technology innovation ,as well as a variety of convenient, user-friendly intelligent services, and light is an indispensable accessory to the whole process.

In the whole process,we adopted down lights as the base lighting,linear light supplementary lighting,according to the different situation ,we used multi-color temperature tape light to achieve lighting foil the scene atmosphere. dimming,fill light,multiplex control via Blueview smart control system to make the whole experience more comfortable.Blueview smart control system can achieve brightness change,dimming,one-click to switch lighting scene,single control and zone joint control.Multiple smart control mode like remote control,timing,central management,long-range control,that add a sense of fascination to the entire experience center.

Honor Certificates:

At the same time,as for Blueview outstanding contribution in lighting industry,China advertising association hereby awarded Blueview with the honorary certificate of “Special contribution to the 20th anniversary of the development of Chinese advertising signs” and the honorary title of “preferred supplier”.