Blueview’s Full Industry Chain Strategy(2)

Blueview’s Full Industry Chain Strategy(2)

The full industry chain is an innovative development model that plays a positive role in the development of various industries!

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I. Characteristics of the Full Industry Chain

1.  business ideology and concept.
2. an open system that ultimately forms a corporate culture.
3. a model that can improve the utilization of enterprise resources.
4. reflects the strength of the enterprise, as without long-term historical accumulation and asset scale, it is difficult for general enterprises to establish a full industry chain business model.
5. a way to improve operational efficiency and reduce transaction costs.
6. an operationally coordinated ecosystem that requires unified team goals and concerted efforts.

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II. Significance of the Full Industry Chain for Industry Development

1. Building a new industry ecosystem

Currently, in many projects, we face complex supply systems, which lead to problems such as product mismatch, system incompatibility, unclear responsibility allocation, and difficult after-sales issues.

By using the full industry chain model to consider existing industry scale, competitive status, and future development space, we can reasonably plan and enhance product research and development capabilities.

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2. Enhancing enterprise competitive advantages

– Innovation and differentiation
– Profitability and risk resistance
– Strategic synergy effects

Blueview emphasizes that the full industry chain in the LED advertising signage industry does not only refer to the integration of the upstream and downstream of a single industry. What is more important is the professional and refinement level in a specific field of a certain industry.

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By introducing the full industry chain business model into the LED advertising signage industry, there are significant advantages in reducing procurement costs, shortening project duration, improving customer satisfaction, reducing customer complaints, and reducing after-sales maintenance costs.