Blueview’s Recent Exhibition Arrangements

Blueview’s Recent Exhibition Arrangements

Recently, Blueview has been invited to participate in multiple industry exhibitions throughout China. Compared to previous years, the exhibition halls have been bustling with people, all actively engaging in discussions and learning opportunities.

Blueview’s simple and atmospheric booth design and commitment to high-quality light products across the entire industry chain became the focus of the exhibition. Industry clients came in droves to experience and consult.

1.Held in Shenyang: International Advertising Exhibition, March 12-14

1679639803 1、沈阳拼图

2.Held in Guangxi: Advertising Exhibition, March 17-19

1679639830 2、广西拼图

3.Held in Tianjin: Advertising Industry Expo, March 18-20

1679639859 3、天津拼图

4.Held in Shijiazhuang: The 24th North China International Advertising and Printing Exhibition, March 18-20

1679639878 4、石家庄拼图

5.Held in Lanzhou: Advertising Festival, March 18-20

1679639895 5、山西拼图

6.Held in Shanxi: Advertising Exhibition, March 18-20

1679639909 6、兰州


Coming Soon~


2023 Advertising Sign and LED Exhibition

Date: March 25-27

Address: Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center

Booth No.: C048



2023 Advertising Sign and LED Exhibition (DPES)

Date: March 25-27

Address: Kunming Dianchi International Exhibition Center

Booth No.: Hall 10 B101



Silk Road Advertising Industry Expo

Date: March 30th to April 1st

Address: Xi’an International Exhibition Center (Chanba)

Booth No.: Hall 6 T17



2023 The 37th Jinan International Advertising Exhibition

Date: March 30th to April 1st

Address: Shandong International Conference Center

Booth No.: 2T10



2023 The 16th Advertising LED and Sign Exhibition

Date: April 8th to April 10th

Address: Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center

Booth No.: T45



The 22nd Western China International Advertising Festival

Date: April 14th to April 16th

Address: Chongqing Nanping International Exhibition Center

Booth No.: T1A-12