Demonstration Gas Station and Convenience Store LED Smart Control Lighting Project-Venue of China National Petroleum Corporation

Demonstration Gas Station and Convenience Store LED Smart Control Lighting Project-Venue of China National Petroleum Corporation

Zhuhong Road Gas Station is located at the junction of Xikou and Zhuhong Road, Fengcheng 6th Road, Xi’an. It has been ranked first in the Xi’an customer satisfaction survey for many years and ranks first in the oil station sales in the Northwest China.

Non-oil sales is the main business of gas stations, and is the second profit source for sales and efficiency of grassroots sales companies. It is a powerful engine for the high-quality development of China’s oil sales business. The Zhuhong Road Gas Station Convenience Store is the first 10 million yuan flagship convenience store in Shanxi Sales Company, equipped with advanced information equipment and a wide range of products.



Blueview’s forward-looking Smart System covers multiple fields such as signage, light box, lighting, etc. The platform is free to use, with regular energy-saving strategy, power and flow analysis, fault timely repair, one-button switch remote control, program customization, experience upgrade and other functions.

The first category: the center and the container area (ABCDEFGH 8 areas), using infrared sensing technology, the light will on or off when people comes or go, the sensing distance is preset to 0.8 meters, the light will off after 10 seconds of people’s leaving. It make consumers feel the beauty of science and technology, enhance the consumer experience with the welcome of lighting, stimulate the desire to purchase, and at the same time achieve energy saving.

The second category: the top lighting (ABCDEFGHIJ 10 areas). The light brightness is preset according to different period and areas for the cashier area, consumer area, and leisure area. With automatic light compensation technology, it can always maintain indoor brightness balance regardless of cloudy or sunny weather. The brightness is set according to different consumption time periods and day and night, and the energy saving can be realized to the maximum extent when the customer’s demand is met.


At the same time, it provides the layout of lights, working temperature, power consumption, and fault warning information for inspection in total control system of the company. During the use process, the brightness and timing of the lights in each area can be adjusted at any time through the intranet, so that the server can control, adjust, and detect the lights without manual intervention, and realize automatic smart control. No switch panel is used in this station.



At the beginning, we communicate with the gas station leader and the construction party on the smart lighting system, early-stage wiring of the light and installation precautions.



Mid-term lighting installation and smart devices installation and commissioning.




On-site testing of smart control system sensing and dimming functions after installation is completed.


Project acceptance and smart application popularization and training for gas station staff.



Blueview took part in every part from project communication, preliminary planning, installation follow-up, system commissioning, closing acceptance to the system training, successfully complete the project and made a perfect example for CNPC convenience store. After the system is running, the electricity consumption of the convenience store will be significantly reduced, the power consumption can be reduced by about 50,000 degrees, and the electricity cost will be reduced by 70,000 to 80,000 yuan per year.

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