Digital Product + SPI Control, Chery Store Lighting Project

Digital Product + SPI Control, Chery Store Lighting Project

The storefront is not only the brand’s image spokesperson but also a magnifying glass that attracts customers. Monochrome LED storefronts can no longer meet consumer demands. Currently, multi-color and full-color control products have become a new trend in storefront development.

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There is a wider variety of light source products for storefronts, such as soft strips, modules, and long bars. The trend of multi-color and full-color products, such as RGB or RGBW, is also becoming more apparent. Neon products have been a significant technological breakthrough in the signage industry in recent years, allowing signs to present more possibilities.

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Since the end of 2022, Blueview has renovated the storefronts of over 30 Chery Automobile brand showrooms nationwide, using full-color light sources to achieve SPI control.

Different from ordinary LED hard strips and LED light strips on the market, Blueview has customized full-color modules and full-color linear lights in blue and white for Chery Automobile brands. These products have better waterproof performance and are suitable for outdoor use in Chery Automobile brand showrooms and store signs.

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