How to solve stroboflash?

How to solve stroboflash?

Stroboflash refers to the continuous fluctuation of light, which is a kind of flickering and changing due to frequency.

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Light sources with “stroboflash” problems may cause headache, eye fatigue, distraction, and increase the probability of autism in children.

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Causes of stroboflash

LED lights are driven without suitable electronic circuits such as ballasts, drivers or power supplies. The greater the fluctuation of the output luminous flux, the more severe the flicker.


Use high-quality driving power with high power factor, preferably constant current driving power with isolation function and over-temperature protection function.

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Blueview indoor/outdoor power supply series are designed with short-circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, high efficiency, low temperature and other protection functions, and have passed 3C certification.

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Blueview certified PC series power supplies have passed all certifications including CE\UL\3C\CB.

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In the light box renovation project of Shanghai Airport, Blueview’s high-quality smart power supply is used to meet the special needs of waterproof and dustproof of the airport light box, and no flicker.

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