Office Lighting Project – Bank of Suzhou

Office Lighting Project – Bank of Suzhou

High-quality office lighting solutions not only need to provide sufficient and suitable lighting for the office space, but also achieve the unity of aesthetics, health, and intelligence through lighting design, so as to truly be people-oriented.

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The Bank of Suzhou Headquarters is a 23-story modern office building. The smart lighting solution designed by Blueview focuses on the “people-oriented” health concept to create a more natural, comfortable and intelligent office space.

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Choose full-spectrum, high CRI, high-fidelity LED panel lights and anti-glare downlights to create a green and healthy office light environment.

1671605675 4 办公室照明解决方案

1671605770 7 办公室安装

The smart control system adopted can control the lighting to realize the different lighting functions.

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——Meeting Room——

Smart stretch ceiling solution, free to switch between various scene modes.

1671605789 9 会议室照明解决方案

WN rigid bar (full spectrum: Ra>95/no blue light hazard), with special secondary light distribution lens, luminous angle up to 170°, and uniform luminous; Adopt aluminum PCB, better heat dissipation.

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The smart control system adopts Bluetooth mesh communication technology to reduce on-site wiring.

1671605821 11 智能面板

It can also realize mode control and group lighting control, improve lighting management efficiency, and increase energy saving efficiency by about 40%.

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