Space lighting: the fusion of traditional heritage and avant-garde fashion!

Space lighting: the fusion of traditional heritage and avant-garde fashion!

Lighting itself is an advertisement. By creating a clean, warm and fashionable space atmosphere, it can control the footsteps of consumers. The survey found that when many customers buy cosmetics, they are often guided by light, especially to try them out, and finally decide whether to buy our products.

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The YUESAI brand chain store is an open brand display space, and the main visual color is the dazzling and warm brand red. In order to make cosmetics in the best state in the open space, how to create a lighting atmosphere for the store that combines the traditional cultural heritage of YUESAI with the pioneering fashion concept has become the core of Blueview’s intelligent lighting solutions.

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The light emitted by the light box not only enhances the texture of the cosmetics on the countertop, but also provides a soft and even light for the entire space.

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The mirror surface is modified and beautified by the hidden light belt installed on the counter, which provides sufficient facial light illumination for customers in front of the mirror, so that customers can see the trial effect of cosmetics clearly.

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1、Create a high color temperature lighting space

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2、High CRI, restore the true color of cosmetics

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4、Good spectral continuity, reducing blue light hazard

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The window lighting of cosmetics chain stores must not only be beautiful, but also must meet the visual appeal of the products.