2024 APPPEXPO Shanghai, Come and Join Us!

2024 APPPEXPO Shanghai, Come and Join Us!

The 2024 APPPEXPO opened at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). This exhibition focuses on smart solutions. Globally renowned brands and cutting-edge technologies gather together. Blueview presents a comprehensive range of LED signage light source products, and highlights its latest research achievements in LED smart signage and digital signage fields.

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Blueview’s 8 major product systems made a stunning appearance, featuring LED smart signage, digital signage, LED lighting, LED strips, LED modules, neon lights, and more.

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The N2-8 series in the neon display area is ultra-long run design, IP68 waterproof; COB strip series, with rich and complete product specifications, available for personalized customization; A variety of innovative products were exhibited in the module and strip series!

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We also exhibited smart signage solutions and PLC smart lighting solutions. Among them, Blueview’s high-voltage PLC smart controller first applies PLC technology to LED smart signage systems, and this product has recently passed the patent.

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For the first time, we attempted to integrate digital signage, energy service scenarios, and brand store scenes for display. The on-site display includes various representative products such as LCD screens, LED screens, and LED cylindrical screens, achieving digitization applications through the self-developed intelligent visual interactive platform. This attracted many professionals to stop by and exchange ideas.

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Blueview participated in the first Printing and Signage “Enterprise Digital Transformation” Forum, sharing Blueview’s digital layout with industry invited guests, inspiring everyone with vivid cases and rich experiences.

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Date: February 28 – March 2

Booth: 8.2H- A0292

Address: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai )