“Dedicated in the Development of LED Smart And Digital Signage”

“Dedicated in the Development of LED Smart And Digital Signage”

“Dedicated in the Development of LED Smart And Digital Signage”

As an advanced enterprise that leads the development of the industry, Blueview has been cultivating the industry continuously, changing according to the situation, and actively making breakthroughs. On the basis of the original industry, it has broadened the industrial chain and introduced more high-quality retail suppliers and service providers, brand enterprises, etc. Closely connected sections are dedicated to building the entire industry chain of LED light sources. Every company has ambitions, and Blueview’s mission is to lead the development of the industry. Let all LED advertising signs be smart interconnected, and allow traditional static signs to enter the world of digital signs.

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What has Blueview done to push the industry into LED smart signs and digital signs?


The Blueview of APPPEXPO Shanghai became a highlight of the booth.

At the 29th APPPEXPO Shanghai International Printing Exhibition, held from July 21 to 24, 2021, Blue View showcased the latest smart sign system and transparent screen. As soon as it was launched, it was favored by many customers and became the entire exhibition hall. The most dazzling existence. Blueview’s smart control system can display the location and picture of the project on the national map, support remote batch one-key dimming, fault classification alarm notification, multiple control methods (touch screen/mobile APP/tablet), low carbon emission reduction- Power consumption statistics, OA authority management, professional report output, comprehensive functions and simple operation.

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Blueview transparent screen is lighter and thinner than common transparent screens on the market, is bright and transparent, has strong heat dissipation, is not limited by size, and greatly saves the cost of use. The staff of Blueview have been strongly affirmed by the customers in the in-depth communication with customers, and they have expressed high recognition for the smart control system and transparent screen of Blueview.1627873564 3


The high-end forum has a wide range of content, and Blueview shares non-stop.

In addition to the exhibition, more than 10 high-end conference forums, industry sharing sessions, and brand matchmaking meetings have been opened one after another. The gathering, exchanges, and transactions of big names have stimulated new thinking, new ideas, and sparks of innovation and development.

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“Digital signage, Smart Enlightenment of the Future” Blueview is in action.

On July 24, 2021, the “First China Digital Smart Signage Application and Development Seminar” titled by Blueview was grandly opened in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. In order to further assist the development of the sign industry, Blueview jointly grasps the new opportunities brought by the digital reform in the new era to the signage industry.

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Whether it is a product or a category, the people of Blueview have come to today because of the deep sense of mission in their hearts. The road ahead is very long. Blueview will not forget its original intention and drive the development of the industry with Blueview’s innovation. On this road, I hope that more companies can join hands with Blueview to help the industry go wider and go further.