LED driver type and growth trend

LED driver type and growth trend

The hidden hero behind the LED light source is the LED driver, and the continuous consumption of electric energy supports the stable operation of the light.

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Today we will introduce the power classification and development trend.


LED driver is also known as power supply, which provides the power required for LED lighting.

Due to the characteristics of LED lamp beads, LED lamp beads can only be driven by direct current. Mains electricity is 220-240V in most countries and regions in the world such as China, Europe, and Australia, and 100-110V in Japan, Taiwan, and the United States (110V for civil use and 277V for industrial use).

The role of the power supply:

1), Convert AC to DC;

2), Provide the current size and voltage range required by the lamps;

3), Provide circuit safety protection for lamps;

4), Electromagnetic compatibility processing, filtering processing;

5), Other smart control, etc.


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Ⅰ.  The type of LED driver

Constant voltage power supply: The output voltage value is required to be fixed and does not change with external working conditions such as load and input voltage.

The parameters are as follows:





Constant current power supply: The output current is constant, while the output DC voltage varies within a certain range with the load resistance.

The parameters are as follows:




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Ⅱ.  Installation type of LED power supply


Built-in power supply: The power supply is built into the lamp. If the lamp is a metal shell, insulation measures should be taken between the power supply and the lamp shell.


External power supply: placed outside the lamp, it can be fixed or not, depending on the specific situation. The external power supply must be installed with an insulating casing. If it is used outdoors, a waterproof type must be selected.

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Ⅲ、The LED driver growth trend


(1) High conversion efficiency and power factor

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(2) Small size and light weight

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(3) Modularized and smart power supply

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Blueview Commercial Lighting Power Supply Series

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