Some Highlights of Blueview’s Booth During The 2022 GILE

 Some Highlights of Blueview’s Booth During The 2022 GILE

           1.Beautiful booth design

Blueview’s high-grade booth design is very eye-catching, and fully shows the strength of the Blueview brand.

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Dark backgrounds are easier to highlight lighting products,

Showing a sense of fashion and technology,

Can bring comfortable feeling.

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       2. Smart lighting sense display

01 Wall washer area

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02 Strip light area

Various neon products on display

Including the most talked about CSP, COB and high brightness series

          3. Blueview smart lighting solutions 

01 Store lighting solution

The exhibition space simulates a high-end cosmetics store,

Use safe and healthy full-spectrum LED products.

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Using ceiling lights, track lights, light boxes and sensors,

Greatly help the store to save energy and electricity.

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02 Smart meeting room solution

Sketch ceilings, spotlights, magnetic lights are used.

Blueview can also provide lighting control solutions,which can meet the various needs of the office space for lighting.

03 Hotel lighting solution

Spotlights, wall washers and smart control systems can provide more smart services.

04 Overall lighting space solution

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Blueview’s smart lighting products have a dedicated control system, which is the key to smart lighting.

       4. “Online + Offline” Events

Offline: introduce the products on display and answer visitors’ questions

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Online: Introduce Blueview’s smart solutions and share experience in the lighting industry

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        5. Blueview booth attracts many visitors

       6. Blueview exhibit team

The Blueview team has professional knowledge.  They introduced the advantages and features of the products to the visitors who came to our booth in detail. Blueview team has won wide recognition for its professional and enthusiastic service.

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