Application and Development Trends of LED High-Voltage Bars!

Application and Development Trends of LED High-Voltage Bars!

As of now, the Blueview High-Voltage Bar series boasts a variety of products, including the latest A0-FT High-Voltage Bar, widely applied in airports, subways, banks, supermarkets, and chain-brand locations.

  1. High Efficiency, Esteemed by High-End Brands

Blueview High-Voltage Bars employ internally designed wide-angle lenses, ensuring consistent color temperatures and minimal color deviations. For instance, the A0-FT High-Voltage Bar achieves 140lm/W, providing superior brightness and uniformity.

Blueview Services High-End Brand

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  1. Power Factor > 0.9, Energy-Saving

Our High-Voltage Bar series, such as the A1 2.0 High-Voltage Backlight Bar with PF > 0.9, and A2 2.0 High-Voltage Backlight Bar with PF ≥ 0.93, focuses on reducing power consumption. These bars are extensively used in airport and subway applications for their exceptional light quality and energy-saving advantages.

Blueview Serves Airport and Subway

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  1. Pursuing 3C Certification, Ensuring Stable Project Support

Blueview’s developed High-Voltage Bar series ensures a warranty of at least 3 years and achieves IP66 or higher waterproof ratings for outdoor variants. These bars are suitable for complex commercial environments, rigorously tested for light attenuation, resistance to extreme temperatures, moisture, salt spray, UV, and more.

Blueview Serves Chain Brand and Supermarket

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  1. Integrated Smart Systems, Meeting Personalized Demands

Indoor commercial lighting demands higher standards for light color variation and emotional interaction. Lighting fixtures now require smart system integration to enhance technological sophistication and interaction in commercial environments. Similarly, large outdoor lightboxes aim to achieve one-touch control, smart dimming, and energy conservation, necessitating smart system support for operation.

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