Blueview 2024 Milk Tea Shop Lighting Design!

Blueview 2024 Milk Tea Shop Lighting Design!

When strolling down a commercial street filled with milk tea shops, we often notice some bustling with customers while others remain deserted. Besides taste, factors such as storefront signage, ordering area experience, and interior decor are closely tied to lighting design.

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  1. Entrance: Highlighting the logo without being overly bright

Firstly, it’s essential to minimize outdoor brightness variations. If there’s a significant disparity between indoor and outdoor lighting, it can deter customers from entering. The lighting design for storefront signage should accentuate the brand logo using high-quality outdoor lighting sources, whether through lightbox advertisements or illuminated letters.

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  1. Milk Tea makingarea: Aim for brightness and transparency

Above the preparation counter, narrow-beam angle track lights can precisely illuminate the working surface, aiding staff in preparing beverages. Guided by the lighting, customers can witness the tea-making process, enhancing their trust and affinity for the brand.

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  1. Seating area lighting: Blend layering and high color rendering

Although the seating area doesn’t require high lighting intensity, it’s crucial to prioritize lighting design for comfort, depth, and expression to meet customer dining scene needs. This calls for the use of high color rendering and appropriate color temperature lighting.

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  1. Product display area: Internal lighting supplementation

As some milk tea brands introduce dessert areas, internal soft light strips can effectively supplement the lighting for food displays. It’s recommended to use high color rendering and warm-yellow color temperature lighting, which not only stimulates appetite but also attracts customers to purchase and taste.

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  1. Digital signage: Enhance quick ordering experience

The ordering counter area is gradually transitioning to digital signage represented by LCD advertising screens instead of traditional menus. Alongside real-time product updates, it can also feature voice introductions of seasonal best-selling items, attracting customers to try out new offerings.

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Currently, Blueview has served over 30 milk tea brands, enhancing light quality for these brands from different regions through diverse lighting fixture selection, layout, and coordination, as well as precise control of luminance, color temperature, and color rendering index, thereby creating brand differentiation.

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