Blueview AEON Mall Project

Blueview AEON Mall Project

On November 1, 2023, the grand opening of AEON Mall (Wuhan Jiangxia Store) took place.

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As a leader in providing comprehensive image identification solutions, COSMIC provided AEON Mall with a complete image identification system solution, while Blueview supplied high-pressure lamp strips, modules, and other LED identification products. It is worth noting that the image identification systems for the three previously opened AEON Malls in Wuhan were also jointly created by COSMIC and Blueview.

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AEON is one of the largest retail enterprises in Asia, and the total investment in AEON Mall in Jiangxia is approximately 10 billion yuan. Upon completion, it will become the largest commercial shopping center among AEON Dream Malls in Asia.

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From an external perspective, the signs illuminated by high-quality light sources make the entire structure shine brilliantly.

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COSMIC has been focusing on the identification industry for over two decades, providing one-stop services for AEON Mall in Jiangxia, including deepening design, production, installation, maintenance, and project management. Blueview, as an important LED partner of COSMIC, actively participated in witnessing the realization of this project.

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Blueview anticipates that the demand for upgrading traditional static sign quality and the application of interactive digital signage in commercial complexes will continue to grow.