Blueview Digital Signage Solutions (1)

Blueview Digital Signage Solutions (1)

In this edition, Blueview will explore the new opportunities brought by digital signage based on its innovative research and development achievements in the field of digital signage and its customer service experience. We will also invite industry colleagues to discuss how to strategize digital signage, combining it with Blueview’s digital signage solutions.

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The signage and signboard industry is an emerging sector in China, comprising tens of thousands of signage companies, big and small. Signage, as an integral part of the public environment, not only satisfies basic societal needs but also reflects and symbolizes the cultural and temporal spirit of cities and regions.

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The Current State of the Signage Industry in the Context of Smart Cities

  1. Lack of Branding

Traditional signage, limited by technological capabilities, gradually fails to meet the demand for branding, making it challenging to represent and promote brands effectively. Low-quality signage products tend to exhibit noticeable light degradation after some use.

  1. Lack of Design Innovation

Conventional signage production methods are conventional, lacking innovation in terms of shape and color. It’s difficult to incorporate regional cultural characteristics and connect signage with aesthetics.

  1. Unclear development direction

Overreliance on templates results in significant stylistic differences between each signage system, with insufficient clarity in information hierarchy, leading to interference and potential confusion among audiences.

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  1. Poor Visual Experience

After dark, advertisements and neon lights on shopping malls and hotels can be overwhelming, causing issues like light pollution, glare, blue light hazards, and flickering.

  1. Weak Technological Interaction

Many signage systems employ inadequate lighting levels, resulting in a weak sense of technology. Traditional lightboxes in malls or chain stores also fail to provide interactive, positioning, search engine, and transaction payment functionalities.

Emerging Signage Lighting  Needs in Smart Cities

Currently, China is in the exploratory and challenging phase of smart city construction, where the influence of smart city construction on many traditional manufacturing industries is growing. Utilizing advanced information technologies, achieving intelligent city management and operations, and ultimately creating a better life for urban residents while promoting city harmony and sustainable growth are key goals.

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Given the challenges posed by new-generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data, the signage industry must address the question of its future direction, which is not only an industry concern but also a matter of relevance to all.