Blueview Digital Signage Solutions (3)

Blueview Digital Signage Solutions (3)

In addition to being widely used in large malls and chain brands, digital signage is also applied in airports, public transportation, exhibition centers, government halls, theaters, and other public places, significantly enhancing the user experience.

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I. Application in Malls

Blueview provides functional and creative services through its digital signage system, effectively guiding and diverting the substantial foot traffic.

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-Blueview Project: WS Dream Plaza

Large displays are installed in the mall’s customer relaxation areas to broadcast mall activities or relevant events from suppliers.

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-Blueview Project: WS Dream Plaza

II. Application in Chain Stores

Chain brands using digital signage can display dynamic content and promote products and services. Such usage not only deepens brand impressions but also showcases brand marketing content. Chain brands can send sales notifications to specific stores through remote settings.

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-Blueview Project: BUDDY BOY Chain Store

III. Upgrading Subway Services

LED digital signage, as a crucial component within subway stations, provides passengers with a comprehensive, multi-angle, and diversified experience, contributing to the creation of urban characteristics and stimulating consumption.

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Blueview Project: Shenzhen Metro Line 12 and Line 14

IV. Application in Airports

Modern civil aviation airports have transcended their traditional role as simple transportation infrastructure. The focus of reform is on the digitization and informatization upgrade, moving towards an era of high-end new media applications centered around digital signage.

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Blueview Project: Shenzhen Baoshan Airport