Blueview Digital Signage Solutions (2)

Blueview Digital Signage Solutions (2)

With the increasing market demand for display screen quality and the growing experience in team service, Blueview has gradually developed a comprehensive one-stop solution. This solution provides efficient and high-quality products and services focusing on quality control, innovation, and service.

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Comprehensive Product System

Blueview’s digital signage solution has developed high-quality LED screens suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications (standard screens, fine pitch screens, transparent screens, film screens, flexible screens, electro-optic glass screens), as well as LCD screens (advertising machines, touch all-in-one machines, embedded all-in-one machines, bar screens, splicing screens, outdoor screens). These solutions realize the digital application of traditional signage.

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High-Quality Imagery

✦ 4096-level grayscale control technology: Higher grayscale levels result in more realistic color reproduction.

✦ Constant current drive mode: Utilizes advanced constant current drive to individually adjust the brightness of the three primary colors for each display panel, effectively avoiding brightness imbalances in video display systems.

✦ Automatic color correction: Adopts gamma correction and automatically corrects color differences to create more realistic and vivid images.

✦ Synchronous display technology: Refresh rates exceeding 72 frames per second achieve synchronization with computer monitors, eliminating flickering, eye strain, and dazzling effects.

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Experienced Professional Team:

A comprehensive one-stop service covering pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales stages provides customers with a high-quality experience. The professional team offers solutions, follows standardized construction processes, improves installation efficiency, and supports the perfect execution of projects.

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Case Studies

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