Blueview Store Lighting Solutions

Blueview Store Lighting Solutions

1、Signage Lighting

1669950876 1、店招

Design according to the brand’s VI image standard. The logo should be bright and prominent, simple and elegant, to strengthen brand recognition and attract attention at the same time. .

1669950903 封面

Blueview recommended products:

ST2W 3.0     Injection molding module, cost-effective, suitable for signage letters

STL-H         170° big luminous angle,highlight efficiency 160LM/W

2、Shop Window Lighting

The lighting of the window belongs to the key lighting of the store. LED track lights and LED grid lights are mostly used for lighting. The lights are bright and can fully display the colors and details of clothing.

1669950936 2、橱窗照明

Blueview recommended products:

Track lights: can adjust the direction and distance, and make the window lighting brighter

Spotlights: can create a stronger sense of movement and three-dimensionality, highlighting the product.

3、Light Box Lighiting

Light box lighting is widely used throughout the store and can be used as advertising, walls, etc.

1669950968 3、灯箱照明

Blueview recommended products:

H3: suitable for backlight light box with a depth of 4-12cm

H5: suitable for light boxes above 7cm depth

4Ambient Lighting

Decorative lighting is mainly used to enhance the overall image of the brand and beautify the space.

1669950988 5、氛围

Blueview recommended products:

360° Neon: give out light evenly, there are a variety of mounting methods

Neon Cover:  many color and specifications are available

5、Shelf Lighting

Shelf lighting needs to pay attention to the color temperature and color rendering of the light to ensure that the product has a good performance in terms of color, shape and quality.

1669951018 6、展柜

Blueview recommended products:

F2-H: can be used with a variety of profiles

CG2-B: non-waterproof rigid bar, no dark spots, good linear effect.


1、Blueview X Convenience Store

1669951041 8

2、Blueview X Auto Shop

1669951058 9

3、Blueview X Experience Store

1669951075 10