Blueview’s Brand New Power Supplies

Blueview’s Brand New Power Supplies

LED power supplies are the heart of LED lighting systems. Their core function is to provide stable and efficient electrical energy to LED fixtures. Their performance and reliability directly impact the efficiency and lifespan of the entire LED system.

In May of this year, we officially introduced our new LED power supply series – the Sword Power Supply  series. Featuring a full aluminum body, safety flame retardant, and extended lifespan. Utilizing a triple-proof immersion process, it further enhances moisture, dust, and corrosion resistance. Constant current design and dual-tube positive excitation scheme ensure stable product performance. Designed for low temperatures, it thrives in severe cold conditions. These advantages enable this series to be suitable for various harsh working environments, with ultra-high efficiency and excellent heat dissipation design.

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Our latest release, the Blade Power Supply series, is a semi-potted power supply certified to standard 3C. It features a high-strength, high thermal conductivity aluminum shell; imported chip for stable and reliable performance; silent design for longer lifespan; high power factor, low harmonic distortion, and energy-saving environmental protection; LLC/PCB double-sided board; withstands temperatures from -40℃ to  70℃. Improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing user experience.

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Next, we will also introduce ultra-thin 3C certified power supplies and 3C standard high-voltage AC light bars, continuing to empower LED projects with products that meet national standards.