Blueview’s Full Industry Chain Strategy (1)

Blueview’s Full Industry Chain Strategy (1)

Looking back at the first half of 2023, industry events such as the Guangzhou Light + Building Exhibition, Shanghai International Printing Exhibition, and the 4th Sign Culture Festival have witnessed a booming industry and showcased the strong recovery momentum of the advertising and signage industry in the post-pandemic era. However, the industry still faces challenges and intensified competition. How can industry enterprises break through?

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  1. Incremental space in chain stores in 2023

According to Blueview’s observation, there will be two significant changes in the automotive 4S stores. Firstly, the number of new energy vehicle stores will surpass traditional gasoline vehicle stores. Secondly, an increasing number of 4S stores will be located in commercial complexes. This trend is similar to the development pattern of mobile phone stores in the past.

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  1. Further segmentation of industry customer groups

Currently, customer groups are gradually diversifying. Many industry enterprises used to have government orders or mainly focused on real estate-related business. They concentrated on serving infrastructure, public facilities, and commercial infrastructure. Industry enterprises generally cooperate and provide services based on customer needs, such as the new chain field in the catering industry.

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  1. Enterprises with a layout in the full industry chain will have more opportunities

The current supply cycle is approaching maturity, but the circulation link has not been established. This means that the supply and demand have not truly conflicted or encountered significant challenges yet, and the industry has not gone through its “youth.” Only when the industry passes its youth can it truly experience the fluctuations of the supply-demand cycle. At the same time, the advantages of enterprises with a layout in the full industry chain have become prominent.

– Head enterprises are favored for large-scale projects.

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– Enterprises that can provide comprehensive solutions will have more opportunities.

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