Blueview’s high-voltage A0-FT rigid bar reduces power consumption by over 20%.

Blueview’s high-voltage A0-FT rigid bar reduces power consumption by over 20%.

Compared to typical high-voltage light bars in the market, Blueview’s new A0-FT reduces power consumption by over 20%. If a bank utilizes the low-power A0-FT from Blueview, it could save 0.371 kWh per hour, 3.71 kWh per day (10h), and 1354.15 kWh annually. While purchasing standard high-voltage light bars may save slightly on upfront costs, they do not offer energy-saving benefits during usage. Considering the comparison of ultimate pricing and usage costs, opting for A0-FT offers superior cost-effectiveness.

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  1. Low Maintenance Costs

Low-voltage LED light bars require external DC power supplies, with each light bar consuming roughly 12-14W, necessitating around 15W of DC power supply per meter of strip. Additionally, these products incur higher maintenance costs. In contrast, A0-FT possess superior waterproofing, stable performance, and can directly connect to power sources, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

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  1. Power Consumption

Low-voltage light bars require driver power supplies or transformers, and the longer the application, the greater the number of power supplies needed, resulting in higher costs. In contrast, A0-FT can directly connect to power sources, exhibit superior heat dissipation, and offer more stable and reliable performance. Compared to low-voltage light bars, high-voltage A0-FT have lower power requirements, generate less internal heat, reduce temperatures, and effectively delay light decay, thereby minimizing power loss.

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  1. Smart Dimming

Blueview’s high-voltage A0-FT rigid bar support smart dimming, allowing for light scene settings based on seasonal changes, application needs, and foot traffic. This meets personalized lighting requirements, promotes energy conservation, and reduces consumption.

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