Blueview’s Latest Store Lighting Project: Hasselblad & DJI Fusion Store!

Blueview’s Latest Store Lighting Project: Hasselblad & DJI Fusion Store!

Recently, the DJI Fusion Store officially debuted at IFC Nanjing Golden Center, showcasing a new and upgraded brand experience store that exudes brand warmth. Particularly noteworthy is Blueview’s high-quality lighting environment, seamlessly blending the cool technology with comfortable lighting.

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  1. Enhanced Interactive Experience

The entire commercial space features a systematic layout of indirect lighting and stretch ceiling, concealing LED light sources while enveloping customers in a pervasive and delicate light.

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  1. Illuminating the Brand Logo

In the Hasselblad & DJI Fusion Store, premium light sources illuminate the brand logo, guiding customers through an immersive experience of creative photography culture and ultimate visual enjoyment, sparking endless inspiration for photographers.

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  1. StretchCeiling Lighting Enhances Simplified and Transparent Space

The stretch ceiling continues the store’s stable and minimalist style. The LED light sources used in the stretch ceiling are arranged in sets of 8 lights per string, requiring less usage per unit area, making installation convenient, and highlighting the effect. The product’s performance is more stable, with a longer service life, effectively reducing maintenance costs.

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  1. Strengthens LightingScenes

Based on different area lighting needs, we have strictly controlled and designed factors such as reasonable light intensity, color rendering index (CRI), glare, beam angle, and lighting hierarchy. This allows customers to be fully immersed in the aesthetics of technology guided by light.

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The project employs anti-glare LED products, with a honeycomb structure enhancing anti-glare effects and eliminating visual disturbances caused by glare.

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During installation, we rigorously controlled the beam angle based on different display requirements. Focusing light on key exhibits highlights them effectively.

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Choosing LED light sources with CRI 90+ helps enhance color reproduction. This is crucial for accurately representing the material and gloss of exhibits in the showroom, emphasizing their technological texture.

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