Catering Lighting Solutions

Catering Lighting Solutions

According to Blueview’s experience of providing comprehensive lighting solutions for numerous catering brands, lighting is not just about illuminating the dining environment, but also requires in-depth analysis of the operational conditions, regional characteristics, marketing needs, and customer experience of the catering space.

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  1. Inspire interest in exploring the restaurant through lighting ambiance

– Create a comfortable dining environment: Use lighting to create an inviting atmosphere in the dining space, allowing customers to feel the comfortable ambiance of the restaurant before even tasting the food, and generating interest to stay. Adjust the lighting to compensate for any imperfections in the architectural design, and soften the flaws of the walls and ceilings. Suitable lighting design can instantly enhance the ambiance of the space.

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  1. How to choose lighting fixtures for the catering space?

– Color temperature selection: Different color temperatures create different atmospheres and have different effects on emotions.

– When the color temperature is below 3300K, the light is mainly warm, giving a cozy and relaxing feeling.

– When the color temperature is between 3300K and 6000K, the light contains a certain proportion of red, green, and blue, giving a natural, comfortable, and stable feeling.

– When the color temperature is above 6000K, the blue light is dominant, creating a serious, cool, and subdued atmosphere.

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– Avoid glare: Use lighting fixtures with glare control measures, such as reflector cups or deeper central structures, to increase the shielding angle (α) and ensure a certain distance between the LED light outlet and the surface of the fixture (>2.5CM recommended). Use frosted or diffused surfaces to scatter the concentrated light and reduce the perceived surface brightness, creating a softer light and controlling glare.

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– Color rendering of lighting fixtures: Color rendering refers to the degree to which colors appear true when illuminated by a light source. It is important to choose lighting fixtures with good color rendering, with a recommended color rendering index (CRI) greater than 90-95. Blueview’s full-spectrum LED products have a color rendering index close to 100 (Ra>97, CRI>95, Rf>95, Rg>98).

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  1. What should be considered for focal lighting?

In addition to meeting basic dining needs, lighting design in the catering space should also express cultural concepts. When selecting light sources and fixtures for focal lighting, not only should the lighting requirements of each area be met, but also the lighting environment should be harmoniously coordinated with the cuisine, flavors, grade, style, and atmosphere of the catering brand.

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Blueview has already provided lighting solutions for multiple catering brands, tailoring lighting solutions for their dining spaces to upgrade the dining lighting environment.

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