Cosmetics Store Lighting Project at Raffles City Shanghai

Cosmetics Store Lighting Project at Raffles City Shanghai

Blueview provides a comprehensive LED store lighting solution, assisting the nationwide debut of TATCHA counters and the flagship store of HOURGLASS at the Raffles City Shanghai, aiming for the ultimate pursuit of light quality to create a truly immersive shopping experience.

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Blueview X TATCHA

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  1. Eye-catching Storefront Design Reflects Creativity and Brand Image

The LED strips surrounding the HOURGLASS storefront create a colorful brand image, enhancing the overall texture. Ultra-thin lightboxes with built-in LED light sources are used for display at the entrance, featuring youthful and vibrant makeup models instead of sales staff to attract customers into the store.

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TATCHA showcases the brand logo with window lighting, while the warm purple light adds warmth to the space, enlivening the atmosphere and showcasing the unique brand aesthetic. Additionally, a wide LED screen is installed at the entrance to create a wisteria floral art scene, enhancing user experience through interactive digital signage.

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  1. Selecting Lighting Fixtures Based on Ambient Light Environment and Designing Diverse Lighting Patterns

High-end beauty retail chains typically use various lighting fixtures for combination design, including spotlights, light strips, lightboxes, and power supplies. Both HOURGLASS and TATCHA stores feature large art installations and advertising lightboxes, highlighting products with carefully curated lighting.

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In addition to spotlights, HOURGLASS uses mainly linear pendant lights with gold metal shells consistent with the decoration style for overhead lighting. TATCHA primarily employs stretch ceiling, with LED light sources having a wide beam angle and high brightness, resulting in excellent overall lighting effects.

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