Do You Aspire To Be The Shining Catering Brand in The Hit Drama ‘Blossoms Shanghai’?

Do You Aspire To Be The Shining Catering Brand in The Hit Drama ‘Blossoms Shanghai’?

Shanghai’s Huanghe Road epitomizes the intense competition among dining brands. Today, let’s discuss how dining brands can enhance a high-quality dining environment through lighting ambiance.

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1.Brand logo should shine brightly at night.

The facade or brand logo of a dining brand leaves the first impression at night. High-quality light sources make the brand logo and slogans shine at night, showcasing the culinary cultural characteristics of the dining brand.

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2.Storytelling lighting environment for brand differentiation.

Apart from meeting basic dining needs, dining spaces should express cultural concepts through lighting design to create differentiation among dining brands. This imparts a storytelling ambiance, enhances recognition, and leaves a profound impression on customers.

For example, Blueview created a classical lighting environment for a dining brand, using lanterns with traditional elements and warm color temperatures to create a lively atmosphere.

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3.Clever use of lighting to make ingredients irresistible.

It is recommended to choose Blueview’s full-spectrum lighting fixtures (Ra≥97, R9≥95) with excellent color rendering. This enhances the color and appearance of food and dishes, making ingredients and broth more vibrant and realistic.

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4.Systematically design the lighting environment for a comfortable dining experience.

Blueview designed a bright and warm overall lighting style for the Mivillage rice mixing dining chain project. Different color rendering indices were designed for different areas to meet diverse lighting needs. This not only allows diners to fully enjoy the pleasure of tasting delicious food but also provides a healthy and comfortable visual experience.

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Currently, Blueview has upgraded the lighting spaces for various dining brands such as Buddy Boy, ORIGINAL CHICKEN, Xiao Jiaotian, etc.