Exhibition Space Lighting Design Strategy

Exhibition Space Lighting Design Strategy

The lighting of the exhibition space is not only used to illuminate the exhibits, but a good lighting design is very important to determine the design style and characteristics of the entire exhibition space, and to shape the image of the main body of the exhibition.


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  1. Development of lighting design in exhibition space

In the modern exhibition space, the lighting design is emphasized to assist the design of the entire interior environment and participate in the overall marketing strategy of the space.

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     2.  The purpose and requirements of lighting design


01 The purpose of lighting design

Providing effective lighting in the exhibition space is the key to the expression of the exhibits. At the same time, one of the most important functions of lighting design is to attract the sight of the overall atmosphere of the space and the performance of the visual focus.

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02 Requirements for lighting design

The lighting requirements of the exhibition space should be designed according to the display content and the conditions of the exhibits. Different spaces and exhibits should be treated with different illuminance, different colors, and different lighting methods;

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  1. Principles of Lighting Design


01 Functional principles

The lighting design must meet the functional requirements, choose different lighting methods and lamps according to different spaces, different occasions, and different objects, and ensure the appropriate illuminance, brightness and color temperature.

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02 Artistic principles

The so-called artistry means that the lighting design should help to express the atmosphere of the entire exhibition space, make it consistent with the environmental modeling and style, and achieve the means of decorating and beautifying the environment and creating an artistic atmosphere.

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03 Principles of economy

According to the use of different exhibition spaces and the different requirements for resolution, the standards used are also different. Otherwise, the flashy lighting will not only be the icing on the cake, but will cause energy waste and even cause light environment pollution.

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