How does Blueview’s LED comprehensive solution promote the development of the LED signage industry?

How does Blueview’s LED comprehensive solution promote the development of the LED signage industry?

Currently, Blueview independently researches and produces over 85% of the products in the LED signage light source industry. Blueview provides LED lighting solutions, offering one-stop solutions for commercial lighting needs. This saves brands time, manpower, and costs while achieving high-quality lighting. We provide services such as on-site surveys, project planning, customized production, professional installation, and comprehensive after-sales support.

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Blueview has always focused on enhancing customer service experience, aiming to solve more problems for customers through practical, comprehensive, and professional services. In response to Huawei’s flagship store’s demand for light quality, our professional team offers customized products (3C-certified intelligent dimmable power supplies, high-quality LED light sources, smart control systems, etc.), as well as installation, debugging, and after-sales services.

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Blueview has established an efficient service mechanism, enabling active communication between customers and the R&D team, technical consultants, and production team to improve problem-solving efficiency.

The GOSO Xiangmi Guixiu Sensor Innovation Joint Laboratory is a composite brand space. Blueview tailored lighting solutions based on brand positioning and on-site inspections. We upgraded lighting solutions comprehensively, covering lighting fixture types, materials, supporting profiles, intelligent power supplies, control systems, and other aspects.

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Blueview initiated the development of smart signage systems in 2015, pioneering the integration of IoT technology into LED signage and lighting products. Our intelligent system covers signage, lightboxes, and lighting in various fields, featuring functions such as scheduled energy-saving strategies, power consumption and foot traffic analysis, timely fault reporting, and remote control switch.

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Blueview products have obtained various authoritative certifications at home and abroad (ROHS/3C/CE/UL, and over 100 certifications for energy efficiency, environmental protection, explosion-proof, etc.). Our leading technical team enables us to master more core technologies of LED signage light sources, serving as a strong support for project implementation.