How to choose LED lighting products in Prop display rack industry

How to choose LED lighting products in Prop display rack industry


Lighting fixture selection


How to choose LED lighting products in Prop display rack industry.

Props display cabinet lighting products are mainly divided into two categories: One is lighting fixture; the other one is LED light bar.

Lighting fixture products commonly used include: track spotlight, ceiling lamp, trunk light and LED down light. Trunk light is mainly used for accent lighting, as the display cabinet shown below, where cosmetics are displayed; Ceiling lamp are widely used for decorative lighting in the overall counter and it is mainly installed around the counter, but also used for a single counter lighting. As shown below.




Down lights are mainly used for the ceiling of the exclusive shop or in the storage room. Track light, installed on the track, is widely applied to some clothing stores, highlighting the models and achieves accent lighting with good color rendering effect.

LED light bar products include strip light, aluminum rigid bar, diffuse reflection light bar (the rigid bar is divided into bare board light bar and aluminum channel light bar with PC cover. High-end cosmetics brands will require LED strip installed in aluminum profile with PC cover, which generate good linear effect)


When selecting cosmetic products for clients of prop display rack industry, temperature and color temperature need to be noted

High temperature will accelerate the deterioration of cosmetics and cause the lipstick to fall off. Customer will mislead their psychological when the temperature isn’t correctly selected. Therefore, we should pay attention to guide customers when choosing lighting products, for example, during color temperature selection, we should firstly understand the brand design conception. Most cosmetics are matched with warm colors, but there are exceptions, which are related to the product design conception, such as CHCEDO brand, it requests 6500K color temperature. Be careful of customer experience area in the counter, this place requires 4000K which close to natural light.


Blueview’s LED light

With the popularity of LED, the hazards or blue light exposure has become a problem that all human beings must face and solve, so does Prop display rack industry.

The harm of blue light is mainly reflected in the following aspects. Firstly, it is easy to cause visual fatigue and decrease the vision as time goes by. Secondly, it will cause irreversible damage to the eyes, because harmful blue light with high energy can directly penetrate the lens and reach the retina, not only affects vision, but also causes maculopathy and cataracts, the influence is more pronounced for children who are in the growing and developing period.

According to the EU new general lighting fixture standards regulation, light fixtures that cannot protect the retina from retinal damage, including LED, metal halide lamps and some special halogen tungsten lamps should be evaluated according to the IEC/EN62778:2012 “the assessment of blue light hazard about photobiological safety of light sources and luminaire”. Hazard level of Blue light sources that higher than RG2 should not be used.


Based on the prevention of blue light hazard, Blueview developed a corresponding full light source product.Its characteristics are the closest to sunlight, good spectral continuity and strong color reduction ability. The color rendering index is close to 100(Ra>97, CRI>95, Rf>95, Rg>98) .

Lighting fixture from Blueview can change visual sensitivity, reduce visual fatigue, and low blue light reduces damage to the retina.