How to choose the suitable LED power supply

How to choose the suitable LED power supply

The right selection of LEDs is only part of the design equation. In order to achieve the full efficiency, durability and longevity of a customer’s solid-state lighting design, it is necessary to select the right power supply to match the customer’s application requirements and the LEDs used.

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Four directions for customers to choose a suitable power supply:

  1. Input voltage

When choosing a power supply for LED products, the input voltage of different regions and countries is different:

1). 100V: 2 countries (Japan, North Korea);

2). 110 ~ 130V: about 30 countries (China Taiwan, the United States, Canada, Barna

horses, Cuba, Mexico, etc.);

3). 220~230V: about 120 countries (UK, Germany, France, China, Singapore, India, New Zealand, Australia, etc.)

Indoor power supply: LED counter lighting and indoor LED advertising signs can choose ordinary indoor power supply

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  1. Consider the working environment

Outdoor power supply: It is recommended to use glue-pouring waterproof power supply in coastal areas and environments with severe corrosion.

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Waterproof power supply: Part of the lighting project power supply needs to be immersed in water, and a power supply with a special glue filling process must be selected to prevent water from entering the power supply.

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  1. Power Conversion Efficiency

In the process of inputting AC to output DC, there will be a part of power loss due to circuit operation (the lost power is released in the form of heat). The less the loss, the higher the conversion efficiency of this power supply, and the more energy-saving the LEDs are;

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  1. Complete protection

In the event of overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit and other abnormal phenomena, the power supply must have functions such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, etc., so that the power supply is in a protected state to prevent the LED from burning out or serious safety problems.

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