Innovative technologies lead the future of digital signage!

Innovative technologies lead the future of digital signage!
  1. IoT technology is the cornerstone of digital identification

With the rise of emerging technologies such as 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, and more, the widespread connectivity of terminal devices has become a hot trend recognized across various industries. The era of the Internet of Things (IoT) sparks our imagination.

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  1. Interactive technology creates personalized service experiences

An increasing number of people are using 55-inch and larger interactive displays, serving as both a sales tool and a means for salespeople to collaboratively create personalized commercial display service experiences with customers.

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  1. OLED technology used in commercial-grade screens

Compared to traditional large-screen display products such as LCD, DLP, and narrow-pixel LED, OLED digital signage is not only thinner in appearance but also provides a new innovative foundation for businesses with its unique characteristics of slimness and flexible installation.

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  1. Edge-lit LED light source technology improves display performance

The edge-lit LED backlight source for advertising displays is industrially durable, with excellent stability, weather resistance, and heat dissipation. It boasts a higher refresh rate, better performance in terms of warranty, lower energy consumption under the same brightness conditions as TVs, contributing to energy savings and environmental friendliness.

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  1. High-definition projection technology highlights storefront merchandise

Projection technology and projection substrates continue to rapidly evolve. By combining high-resolution (HD) projectors with professional projection films, retailers can transform their standard transparent window displays into large-format digital screens capable of displaying dynamic videos or static visual images.

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  1. 3D technology makes digital signage more suitable for public spaces

3D digital signage allows us to appreciate lifelike three-dimensional images on a two-dimensional plane, delivering a much more impactful visual experience than high definition. The realistic three-dimensional images and vibrant colors provide a powerful visual impact.

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