Interior Decoration – Stretch Ceiling Solutions

Interior Decoration –  Stretch Ceiling Solutions

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Stretch ceiling is also known as stretch cloth. It was founded in Switzerland in the 19th century, and then continued to be researched and improved by Mr. Farmland SCHERRER in France in 1967 and successfully promoted to the smallpox market in European and American countries. It was introduced to China in 1995. The soft film ceiling has the advantages of flame retardant, waterproof and mildew proof, energy saving, anti-aging, etc. A variety of color choices and free and varied shapes make the space design more colorful, which can be applied to the application of large spaces in shopping malls and can also be used in decoration. This type of light is very malleable.

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How to choose the light source of stretch ceiling?

Pay attention to the color consistency and color standardization of LEDs. Stretch ceilings are generally used in larger areas. Therefore, the uniformity of the light box light source directly affects the beauty of the entire ceiling. Then when choosing LED light source products, light Color consistency is an important indicator of product color quality. The color tolerance is an important reference standard for measuring this indicator.

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The color rendering index is an important method to evaluate the color rendering of light sources and an important parameter to measure the color characteristics of artificial light sources. It is expressed by RA/CRI. Generally, the higher the value, the closer to the color of sunlight, and the higher the degree of color reproduction.


Pay attention to the choice of LED product types.

The following figure shows the picture of the diffuse reflection light bar. The wiring distance of the diffuse reflection light bar is determined according to the depth of the light groove. Take the white soft film as an example. If the depth of the light box is 20 cm, then the distance between the light bars is It should be less than 20 cm, so as to ensure that there are no shadows on the soft film.

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The picture of the block lights is shown in the figure below. The line spacing between the block lights and the installation line spacing of the diffuse reflection roller blinds are similar, and the distance between the block lights is less than the depth of the light groove.

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The diffuse reflection light bars produced by Blueview, such as YD2-W, YD2-Y, H3, etc., use secondary light distribution lenses to emit light evenly at a large angle, and the exclusive card cover design is more convenient to install.

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The high-voltage smart block modules such as AM8-B and AM8-D are also self-designed large-angle lenses, with uniform light emission, safe and convenient direct access to the mains, and low consumption per unit area.

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LED flexible panel sheet H150 series products have a variety of choices of single color, RGB, RGBW, and use FPC material, which can be cut into any shape;

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These products are excellent choices for stretch ceiling light sources. In addition, Blueview pays attention to the quality of light, and most of them adopt the third-order color tolerance, the light color is pure and the color consistency is good, and the subtle difference can not be recognized by the naked eye.