Lighting Design of Gas Station Canopy

Lighting Design of Gas Station Canopy

The scientific lighting system will significantly improve the service quality of the gas station, especially the gas station canopy lighting system:

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1).Can make night business efficient and convenient;

2).Can effectively reduce glare;

3).Can increase the modernity of the gas station;

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So, what principles should the canopy lighting design of gas stations follow? How to choose and install LED lamps?

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✦Design principles of gas station canopy lighting

  1. Appropriate horizontal and vertical illuminance

Good horizontal illuminance can ensure driving safety, while proper vertical illuminance can ensure correct refueling operation, and at the same time directly affect the customer’s impression of the gas station.

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  1. Create a comfortable atmosphere

Visual comfort without glare interference. The brightness distribution is reasonable and the light projection direction is correct, creating a comfortable environment and a good atmosphere.

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✦ Selection and installation of lamps for gas station canopies

Follow the principle: mainly functional lighting, supplemented by decorative lighting.

  1. The principle of people-oriented

Lighting meets customer needs from lighting function to psychological feeling, and at the same time, good lighting improves the work efficiency of employees and ensures the comfort of the working environment.

  1. The principle of energy saving and consumption reduction

The lamps and lanterns themselves are highly energy-efficient and scientifically control the lighting in daily life.

  1. The principle of the lowest lifetime cost

The initial investment of comprehensive equipment, the use and maintenance of the whole life cost is the lowest (long life and easy installation and maintenance).

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  1. Principles of lighting layout

1). Select different power lamps according to the height of the canopy

6 meters choose 120W LED canopy lights; 9 meters choose 150W LED canopy lights.

2). In the same gas station, choose two different light distributions.

Symmetrical light distribution lamps are arranged between the two rows of refueling machines, and asymmetric light distribution lamps are arranged outside the refueling area of the first row and the last row of the working area.

3). Choose lamps and lanterns with different installation methods according to the different canopies and ceilings

Ceiling type

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Embedded type

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Bracket type

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Pipe holding type

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