Review the wonderful moments from the previous GILE Exhibition!

Review the wonderful moments from the previous GILE Exhibition!

1、Guangzhou Lighting Fair
Founded in 1996, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) is a world-class high-level exhibition organized by the world’s best and most comprehensive lighting production and trade enterprises, professional visitors and relevant institutions.

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Although affected by the epidemic in the past three years, the GILE has been postponed every year, but every time it is held, important brands in the domestic and foreign industries also participate in the exhibition, exhibiting their best technologies and solutions, and seek common development of the industry.

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2、Blueview Exhibition Area

Founded in 2004, Blueview has two R&D centers in Shenzhen and Chengdu, as well as four major production bases. The LED smart control system has been independently developed to bring more high-quality solutions to the signage lighting and commercial space.

2021 Theme:  The Whole Industry of LED Smart Lighting

One-stop solutions from lamps, power supplies, sensors to smart systems▼

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2020 Theme: The Combination of Intelligent and Lighting Technology

Focus on energy conservation, emission reduction, and people-oriented.▼

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2019 Theme: Beauty of Linearity

Covers all kinds of strips on the market, rich CCT available, and excellent light quality.▼

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2018 Theme: Linear Lighting

Self-developed LED strips, neon, and linear lights have attracted great attention▼

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2017 Theme: Neon Lights

Blueview Neon lights has two advantages of softness and beauty▼

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3、Blueview team and exhibits

Blueview pays attention to cultivating talents and has a professional, united and dynamic talent team. They always adhere to innovation, brand, focus and perfection, realize personal value through their own efforts, and win the respect and recognition of customers and the society.

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The product display area is creative and interesting, fully displaying the features, functions and applicable scenario of the products, and bringing an immersive experience to visitors.

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4、Exchange and negotiation with peers

Blueview’s series of products have attracted an endless stream of visits and consultations from peers and partners. After in-depth exchanges, cooperation intentions were reached.

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Blueview’s LED smart control system leads the development of the industry. From space design, lighting solutions, a full range of products, to smart control systems, plus installation services and after-sales support, we will provide you with a one-stop solutions for commercial space lighting.

GILE is Coming Soon 

Aug 3-6,2022

Looking Forward to Your Visit!

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