School-Enterprise Cooperation To Promote Development

School-Enterprise Cooperation To Promote Development

In order to solidly open a new pattern of school-enterprise cooperation integrating production and education, and promote the inheritance of craftsman spirit.  On April 26, teachers and students of Chengdu Art Vocational University walked into Blueview Chengdu headquarters to carry out various research and exchange activities. Visited the office area, production workshop and brand exhibition hall of Blueview headquarters.

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By learning and understanding the process of developing LED light source products from parts to finished products, it is beneficial to combine theory with practice. It inspires them to think about how to organically integrate their majors with market demand, and how to use their professional knowledge and skills to better serve the innovation and development of enterprises.

After watching the Blueview brand promotional video, the students listened to Mr. Liu’s detailed introduction on Blueview’s development status and prospects, corporate culture and development philosophy, and talent needs. Let the students from the design major feel the firm belief and unremitting efforts of Blueview to deeply cultivate the LED sign light source industry, and feel the spiritual inheritance of Blueview people’s courage to innovate and keep improving.

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Afterwards, Mr. Liu led everyone to visit the Blueview brand exhibition hall. Through the neon display area, soft strip display area, light box display area, LCD display area, overall store signs & lighting solutions, etc., we can help you understand the output strength of our customized LED light source in an all-round way.

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The launch of this school-enterprise cooperation activity has shortened the distance between Blueview and Chengdu Art Vocational University. It has promoted the further multi-level, multi-form and multi-field cooperation between Blueview and the school. It is conducive to the organic combination and optimal allocation of school-enterprise resources, and provides an opportunity for the joint training of outstanding talents needed by the society.

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