Shelf Lighting Design

Shelf Lighting Design

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01 Mounting above the display shelves.

Install the high-power wall washer directly above the display shelf, center it, and illuminate the ceiling vertically.

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After trying to adjust the angle of the lamp outward, the illuminated range becomes significantly larger, and the entire space is brighter.

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02 Mounting behind a baffle

When lighting the display shelf, the lamps are usually installed as shown in the figure below. The baffle is very good to hide the LED lights, and the lighting effect is also good. Is there any possibility of improvement?

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Add the cover plate as shown in the figure below, most of the light from the LED lights will be reflected by the cover plate into the display Shelf, so as to better highlight the product;

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03 Recessed Mounting – Down Side

The way of directly slotting the shelves and hiding the LED lights, as shown in the figure below, is also a method often used by many designers, but there will be some dark areas on the wall, which is not conducive to the display of products;

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We can completely remove the rear part, as shown in the figure below, so that the light can be more uniform, and the product can be better illuminated;

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04 Recessed Mounting – Up Side

This method will illuminate the up side. Due to the influence of the upper layer, the light will be blocked. The design should be combined with the actual situation to avoid dark areas;

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If the displayed product is opaque, it will mainly highlight the lower part of the product.

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