The Blueview PLM R&D Management System Project Officially Launched

The Blueview PLM R&D Management System Project Officially Launched

On May 11, 2023, the Chengdu headquarters of Blueview held a PLM R&D management system project launch meeting. It marks that the Blueview PLM project has officially entered the construction stage, officially opened the prelude to the upgrading of Blueview’s digital management, and product research and development will enter a new development stage of process, modularization, and intelligence.

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PLM is the English abbreviation of product lifecycle management. It is a management platform for product lifecycle management and design R&D. After it goes online, it will improve the R&D management level and realize the integration of PLM and design software, ERP, OA and other related systems.

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The implementation of the PLM R&D management system project will comprehensively sort out the company’s basic data, business process and management system, and realize the integration of process and data, manufacturing and design.

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Vice President Li of Blueview Production Department placed high hopes on the PLM project. It is hoped that the PLM R&D management system can bring practical benefits to Blueview’s product R&D, and play an important role in saving design costs. Through standardized management, design costs and labor costs are reduced, which brings important inspiration to Blueview’s product design.

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Mr. Liu, technical director of Blueview, pointed out that all departments should attach great importance to and cooperate with the construction of PLM projects. The heads of all departments should lead by example, strengthen confidence, overcome difficulties, and implement specific implementation rules with practical actions.

It is believed that under the great attention of the company’s leaders, with the full help and support of the Saiweis expert team, and the joint efforts of all project members, the Blueview PLM project will achieve a complete success.

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