The marketing class of 2017 in sichuan university successfully completed field teaching in Blueview EIec-optic Tech Co., Ltd[Rep

The marketing class of 2017 in sichuan university successfully completed field teaching in Blueview EIec-optic Tech Co., Ltd[Rep

Professor wei-ping yu ,the teacher of “brand management”, and lan-lan huang, the teacher of MBA education center, lead the marketing students of class 2017 to Blueview EIec-optic Tech Co., Ltd to carry out field teaching on March 16th afternoon. They focused on the topic practical application of brand marketing management in the enterprise, and conducted face-to-face communication with the main person in charge of the enterprise.


Blueview EIec-optic Tech Co., Ltd, located in the Southwest Aviation Industrial Development Zone in Shuangliu, Sichuan Province,It is one of the largest production bases for domestic advertising signage light sources and linear commercial lighting sources,among which LED advertising signage light has the first Market occupancy rate in China.

Mr. Li zhongxun, the Founder and chairman of Blueview, gave a warm welcome to the teachers and students, and introduced Blueview’s development history, product details , technological process and core advantages in detail.

Later, under the guidance of the company’s staff, the teachers and students visited the  production workshop and product assembly line to have a deeper understanding of the company’s business and product situation.


In the communication link, students discussed with Chairman li about the marketing problems faced by Blueview, which mainly involved three aspects: first, brand positioning and brand construction. From the low-end line in the early stage of its establishment and The southwest developed to the coastal area, Blueview has gradually occupied the first position in the market share of relevant segments in China. How to build Blueview into a higher-end brand to achieve a high premium of the brand? The second is about marketing mode and marketing channels. At present, Blueview mainly adopts the direct selling mode, setting up different direct selling offices in the whole country to achieve better and more timely customer service, but it has higher cost than the agency mode. How to optimize and balance the marketing channels? The third is  product category and market choice. Blueview has more than five categories of products and thousands of skus. Although it can meet the demand of different customers, it also brings great pressure to the production, research, development and after-sales service. How to analyze and choose these product categories from the perspective of strategy and marketing?


In the end, professor yu weiping commented and summarized the whole field teaching, and put forward his own opinions on the topic of discussion from the perspective of combining theory with practice, to help students further clarify the thinking of case analysis, and to provide relevant reference Suggestions for Blueview.


On the one hand, this field teaching helps students to understand the practical problems of enterprises and apply the professional knowledge of marketing, especially brand management, to the practice of enterprises. On the other hand, it is helpful to improve students’ ability of case analysis and problem solving. At the same time, the exchange and cooperation between schools and enterprises have been strengthened and also further enhance the brand value of MBA.