Welcome the Shandong Sign Industry Association to Visit Blueview !

Welcome the Shandong Sign Industry Association to Visit Blueview !

On April 22nd, accompanied by Mr. Jiang, President of the Sichuan Sign Industry Association, and leaders from Blueview, a delegation of more than 40 members from the Shandong Sign Industry Association visited Blueview. The purpose of the visit was to unite the strengths of the sign industry in Sichuan and Shandong, strengthen communication and cooperation among member companies of the associations.

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The Shandong Sign Industry Association is a provincial-level platform formed voluntarily by companies engaged in signage, advertising, printing, equipment, materials, and supporting services in Shandong Province. The association currently has nearly 200 member companies, mainly from the signage industry in Shandong, including some well-known domestic companies.

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Mr. Zhang, the general manager of Blueview, led everyone to understand the company’s development history, production and operation status, and on-site projects. Participants listened attentively, providing inspiration and reflection for the industry’s development.

During the visit to the production line, association members visited the Blueview Chengdu headquarters and production workshops. Advanced production equipment operated smoothly, with quality controlled at every stage, showcasing the digitalized production level guided by a smart control system.

By further introducing the company’s production process, quality control system, and innovative research and development achievements, everyone could genuinely feel the significant contribution Blueview has made to leading the industry’s development over the past 20 years.

This visit has established a closer connection between the Shandong Sign Industry Association, the Sichuan Sign Industry Association, and Blueview, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.

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